About Us



Our brand story begins with​ a passionate fashion designer and avid traveler from Japan, ​Mia Momo. Our travel bags are born out of her personal experiences and a deep love for exploration. Mia understands the challenges faced by fellow travelers and has crafted these bags to be the perfect companions on your journeys.

With lightweight yet spacious compartments designed to hold currencies, passports, and all your travel essentials, K​irakuu travel bags effortlessly blend functionality with an elegant aesthetic. Mia's keen eye for design ensures that these bags not only serve a purpose but also make a stylish statement wherever you go.

At ​Kirakuu, we go beyond practicality. Mia is committed to making a positive impact on the world, which is why ​our bag​s include an eco-friendly shopping bag, embracing responsible shopping practices and reducing single-use plastic waste. Additionally, the bags feature thoughtful details like extra space for umbrellas and jackets, ensuring you're prepared for any weather or adventure that comes your way.

Join ​us and the growing community of conscious travelers who are passionate about both style and sustainability. With ​Kirakuu Travel Bags, embark on a journey that is as meaningful as it is beautiful.